The Studio and Sanctuary



Imagine this… a safe community of women who believe in you, support you, and challenge you to live loud and on purpose… a tribe of women in a safe and nurturing space to be honest and wildly creative, all without judgement …. a sisterhood to lean on that will call you on your self-imposed limitations, and  will embrace, applaud, and celebrate you and the unique gifts you bring to the world… We unearth and cultivate our wildishness with laughter, tears, connection, and intentional creativity (and a little chocolate for the muse too).

That’s what Moondancer Studio and Creative Sanctuary is all about.  It’s a sacred gathering place for creativity, connection and empowerment for women.  No art or painting experience is necessary to attend our workshops.  We use the 13 step Color of Woman Intentional Creativity painting method which is suitable for all skill levels.  Come join us!

 taking flight class

What you can expect

We use a method called Intentional Creativity every time we create.  Meaning that we create with a specific intention in mind for each art piece.  These intentions are often distilled through inquiry and a visioning process that takes you on a journey to meet an aspect of yourself that you then bring to form on canvas through a 13 step process.  This process allows someone with no painting experience to a skilled artist to create beautiful images.

Big breakthroughs and healing often occur as we shift the energy of our old self limiting stories into new empowering stories through creativity.  This process is done in circle with other supportive women on similar journeys.

Want to know more about Intentional Creativity?  click here





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