Retreating or Showing up?

show up

Retreating or Showing up?

I have noticed that life offers us a series of  “moments to choose”.  They are opportunities to either retreat, or show up. Opportunities to replay old patterns, or to choose new ways to respond. Although I have stopped apologizing for being who I am, I do still get caught up in my old story of “not worthy” and I see many women who are also doing this on a subtle level….doubting…staying small…over apologizing and feeding old beliefs about “not good enough”.

I have been choosing to notice when I go into this old pattern and to CHOOSE to claim my worth, to TRUST that I am LOVED, that I am welcome wherever I am, and REST into the knowing that I AM ENOUGH just the way that I am.

I have found that when I open to the awareness that I am aligned, loved and worthy, I notice that the universe joins in and affirms this knowledge while conspiring on my behalf. I have noticed that once you own your worth, nobody can ever take it from you again, and you don’t tolerate those that don’t value it or situations where it is diminished.

Life is constantly offering opportunities to go deeper and to breathe and feel, rather than run and hide.  When these opportunities arise we have to choose-will we retreat or show up?  Lately, I have seen all sorts of opportunities for deep healing playing out, in myself and in the women around me. I am giving what arises the attention these deep wounds deserve, sitting in circle, painting,  dancing, writing, walking, anything gentle that will help me to stay connected to myself.  I am committed to slowing down, breathing, opening and loving through the process of owning my worth.  I hope you will join me.

Practice for this month:  Owning your worth

To really “own your worth” is to be really clear about who you are, and what you want and need. One thing that you can do to increase your awareness of this is take inventory. Break out your journal and reflect on what strengths or qualities that you have, qualities and abilities that you feel you can ‘own’.  What do you want in life and are you taking steps to get there.  What do you need and are your needs being met by those you are in relationship with?  Where are you giving your power and worth away? Once you are clear on these it is easier to ‘feel your own worth’ and figure out where it needs shoring up.   Notice when smallness and the old stories and patterns show up, and start challenging their truth.  Get them conscious and write them down. Then rewrite them –you are the author of your story.  You determine your worth.  Breathe deeply and remind yourself often that you are LOVED and WORTHY of LOVE.  And stop apologizing being you and taking up space that is yours.

It also helps to “own your worth” to get clear on what your core values are. Have you ever stopped and even thought about them? Mine are LOVE, COMPASSION, CONNECTION, SELF EXPRESSION, SACREDNESS, JOY, AUTHENTICITY and GRATITUDE.  Journal what yours are and then use them as  guideposts in those moments when you feel intimidated, inadequate, overwhelmed, or confused. Very often these feelings arise from two things-1) smallness showing up or 2) not being in alignment with ourselves (our core values). These feelings are our gut telling us something is amiss.  In those moments stop, put your awareness on your heart space and breathing, and check in with your core values.  Ask yourself if this is in alignment with those, and with what you want and need for yourself.  If the answer is no, step into your worth and do what is right for you.  If the answer is yes, these feelings are probably your smallness and fear.  Own your worth and your BIGNESS, lean in and move through the feelings.

Enjoy your reflection and exploration!


you are enough

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