You Are Enough


This idea of “not enoughness” is on my mind these days. Probably because this is the time of year when we set our resolutions or intentions for the year to come…. which are usually based on our faults, flaws, and failures…..our not enoughness.  Not enoughness is an epidemic. This topic comes up in every single women’s creative workshop I host and it is the worst kind of domestic violence on the planet, because it is self- inflicted. We beat ourselves to death with not enoughness.

Here’s the thing about not-enoughness. It’s BS. Have you every stopped and questioned it? Where/who did this message come from? Are they a credible source? What would make you enough? Enough what exactly? Who is holding your imaginary measure stick….and whacking you over the head with it every chance they get (hint, look in the mirror)?

The media would have us believe that we can’t possibly ever be enough unless we buy that car, that tampon, those shoes, or eat our burger half naked. It’s the greatest marketing scheme ever created….and it works. Because we are all stuck in not enoughness. It’s time to wake up. Its time to reject this notion of not enoughness and heal this sickness.

We’ve had it all wrong. What if the point isn’t to strive to be enough? What if there isn’t really a measuring stick at all. What if the point is to be fully present in each moment with ourselves and the people we love? What if the point is for us to be madly in love with ourselves regardless of our flawed container? What if the point is just to show the f#@k up?

I invite you to let go of all of the external messages you have received about enoughness and go within to your internal compass. Get out your journal and check in with your soul.  Be in inquiry about how you want to feel in your skin, your heart, in your home, your work, your relationships and your bank account.

Then I invite you to make a list that begins with “I love myself most when I”…….. and then check your alignment. Are your thoughts and actions in alignment with your list and how you want to feel? Adjust accordingly….if you want to. You’re enough either way. Just show up everyday….or most days. I promise you won’t lose any enoughness points if you check out for a day or two….because there is no actual scorekeeper….or measuring stick.

Let yourself off of the meat hook. You are enough. You have always been enough. You will always be enough.



Photo credit:  unknown.

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