About Me


“I have been creating for as long as I can remember.  For me creating art is just like breathing-both are required to sustain life.  I have worked with many mediums over the years but finally found my voice through the intuitive painting process in 2010.  Deep in grieving the loss of my dear friend, I found that through painting I was able to express my thoughts, feelings and fears when I couldn’t find the language for them.  It saved my life and brought about deep soul healing for me.  I knew right then, that I wanted to guide others through the healing process with art making.

I have been honored to work with women and children who were victims and survivors of trauma for more than 29 years.  As a registered nurse I have tended to their physical wounds, and as an artist, teacher, and healer I have tended to their wounded spirits.  I have been privileged to guide and witness the incredible healing and empowerment that can come from telling our stories through image, and connecting to our inner divine feminine through a paint stroke.

Things I know for sure…..Art Saves.  Art heals.  Art empowers”.

Heidi Sequoia Moondancer has been a registered nurse for 30 years.  She is currently working for Child Welfare ensuring the health and wellness for children in foster care.  She is a life long artist, teacher and healer. She resides in Salem, Oregon with her son Jace, two feline beloveds, Hamilton and Paisley and the dog squad Jackson, Blue and Poppy.  In her spare time you will find her at her easel or wandering the beaches of the Pacific Northwest treasure hunting.  Heidi currently offers weekend painting workshops and retreats to women and youth both online and in her community, using the Color of Woman- Intentional Creativity method at her studio “Moondancer Studio and Creative Sanctuary”. 


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