Come To The Fire 2020

January 27th through December 7th

COME TO THE FIRE 2020 is a VISION QUEST to awaken the lost, forgotten and rejected parts of ourselves. We will reawaken our connection to our ourselves and our ancient ways of knowing. We will deepen our connections to natures cycles, the elements, our ancestors, and our Mother Earth. We will honor our inner Buddha and the Divine feminine in each of us. As we travel this yearlong journey together, we will strengthen our creative practice and create a body of work by painting five paintings as part of our Vision Quest.

This journey is not for the faint of heart and I will not promise you safety. We may be traveling through some treacherous terrain and going to unknown places…self discovery and healing can be like that. Your presence and commitment to the quest is required. There can be no less than all in. Take my hand and I will guide you every step of the way. Your place in the circle around the fire is waiting for you to take your seat.

Join me for a year-long online journey of self discovery using art, inquiry and the support of an amazing creative community as our tools.  We will create personal art journals called Cosmic Smashbooks™  that will serve as powerful containers of excavation, healing and transformation.  

Using the Intentional Creativity™ process, we will enter into a weekly inquiry designed to open and strengthen the pathways to your heart and soul, and providing access to your own inner wisdom.  This process brings awareness to the old inherited stories running your life, your disempowering thoughts and beliefs,  and your default settings.  This new awareness allows you to rewrite those stories, release what is no longer true for you and bring healing where it is needed.

This year long journey will awaken you to a different way of seeing and moving through the world, lead you to a more compassionate relationship with yourself, and bring deeper alignment with Mother Nature and your sacred untamed self.   All you have to do is show up and you don’t need to have any art experience to participate.  You will be guided every step of the way!

Your investment for this yearlong course

is only $97

(less than the price of a latte per week)

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  • An intimate supportive learning environment
  • A gorgeous personalized magical art journal (aka Cosmic Smashbook) or two
  • Weekly inquiries and creative prompts for your art journal delivered to your inbox.  These inquiries are designed to take you deep into self excavation and creative exploration.
  • You’ll learn the metacognitive drawing process to access your inner knowing
  • Exploration lessons where we will learn new mixed media techniques (prayer bowls, intention candles, etc). 
  • Monthly rituals that will connect us more deeply to the cycles of nature and ourselves.
  • Monthly painting instruction that will result in five paintings at the end of the journey-Sacred Grove, Honoring the Ancestors, Woman of Willendorf, the Buddha and Earth Mother.
  • Monthly ZOOM calls so we can connect and have meaningful conversation no matter where you are in the world.
  • Guest Intentional Creativity™ teachers who will drop by throughout the year with their amazing offerings.
  • A private supportive Facebook community for sharing your “Aha” moments, brilliant journal pages and your paintings.  Your participation level there is totally up to you.  You can witness and be witnessed as much or as little as you want.

All this for only $97

Need a payment plan (2 payments) click here

I’ll be your Host and Creative Navigator

Heidi S. Moondancer

Meet the Guest Teachers

Click on each teachers name to learn more about them.

Shiloh Sophia

Rachel Bavis

Amanda Abreu

Cynthia Harrison

Gisela Piniero

Isabelle Savignac

Kate Gold

Lezli Palmer

Your investment in yourself is only $97 for the whole year! You are so worth it!

Need a payment plan (2 payments) click here

Here’s what past participants are saying….

Come to the Fire has been a wonderful way to remain focused on personal growth and inner healing for an entire year! How amazing is that? The fact that it includes journaling for self reflection, as well as creative processing and various guest teachers for diversity makes this a journey worth taking. The price makes it very affordable unlike many online groups. Thank you so much for this lovely offering. I am a stronger woman because of the work it has encouraged me to do”. J.B.

“I have so enjoyed the experience of Come to the Fire 2019. I look forward to the weekly Emails and the journaling prompts. I have been sharing what I am learning like I never thought I would but more importantly I am using what I am learning to deepen my own personal and spiritual growth. I love the community and the opportunity to share in the Facebook group. Thank you Heidi S. Moondancer for this wonderful journey. The guest teachers were also great!” R.J.

Thank you for creating a safe space for people to heal and to create and to grow! So happy to have shared this year’s journey.” S.R.

“If I had not participated in this class, I would not have been able to;
Stand up to a bullying family member. Spoken up for others when “me too” was to hard for them to say. Help my mother with all the hard
work of the dying process. I would not have been strong enough to grieve for the loss of my mother & the loss of a part of me. This year I have become a strong woman. Thank you come to the fire family!” K.B.

Need a payment plan (2 payments) click here