My Art

For me, creating art is both my spiritual practice and my healing medicine.  Through the intuitive painting process I am able to connect directly to the Divine Source and my own inner wisdom.  Intuitive painting is my form of active meditation.   It requires that I be fully present in my body, with a quiet mind and an open heart in order to see, hear, and feel the promptings that come with this painting method.

Each canvas acts as a portal between the physical realm and the spiritual realm that takes me on a journey to reveal personal symbols, soul messages and a deeper understanding of myself and the divine feminine that resides in me.  Each image is an oracle in response to an inquiry.  I midwife images that reflect my personal archetypes and my healing journey, and that celebrate feminine symbolism.  

Contact me for available art and pricing.

calling on the cosmos

IMG_20151229_065126  IMG_20150814_094637    IMG_20151124_065242

 hmoondancer Tree Goddess

          Sacred Grove

BUddha painting


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