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January 2, 2017 to December 18, 2017

Join us for a FREE year long journey of self discovery using art, inquiry and the support of an amazing community as our tools.  We will create personal art journals that will serve as powerful containers of excavation, reclamation, and transformation.  Take your spot in the circle and warm yourself around the fire.

Using the Intentional Creativity™ process, we will enter into a weekly inquiry designed to open and strengthen the pathways to your heart and soul, and providing access to your own inner wisdom.  This process brings awareness to the old stories running your life, your disempowering thoughts and beliefs,  and all of your default settings.  The inquiries will allow you to rewrite those stories, release what is no longer true for you and bring healing where it is needed.

This year long journey will awaken you to a different way of moving through the world, lead you to a more loving and compassionate relationship with yourself and a bring deeper alignment with your sacred authentic self.  And it’s FREE, all you have to do is show up and you don’t need to have any  art experience to participate.

I’ll be your guide for this year long

transformational journey!


 Heidi Sequoia Moondancer


  • Weekly Inquiries and inspiration for your art journal.  These inquiries are designed to take you deep into self excavation and creative exploration.
  • A private supportive facebook community for sharing your “Aha” moments and brilliant pages.  Your participation level there is totally up to you.  You can witness and be witnessed as much or as little as you want.
  • Monthly BONUS content-super cool bonus lessons that take you outside of your art journal.
  • Did I mention that this is a FREE course? Yep, you heard me right.

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In addition to your weekly art journaling inquiries sent to you by yours truly, you will receive  amazing BONUS lessons from an international team of rockin’ Intentional Creativity™ teachers sprinkled throughout the year.  Each guest teacher will bring you their own unique style, flavor and wisdom with their offerings.  And yes, they are all included in your low, low price of FREE.




Shiloh Sophia                             Carole Thomassy

Barbara Hall                                   Asia Morgenthaler

Nadya King                                              Sahar Joya

Olivia Marie Osa                                  Valarie Kravette

Rachel Bavis                                     Mary Ann Mathys

Peggy Papay                                          Tina Greene

        Janet Holmes                                Cynthia Harrison


Catt Geller

SIGN ME UP! Sorry, registration is closed for 2017

This amazing yearlong FREE workshop has been made available through the collaborative effort of these certified Color of Woman Teachers and the Intention Creativity Foundation.